‘The Tempest’ by Louis Kirkwood, 6th Form



Louis Kirkwood 6th Form


The Tempest (self-review)


One evening, just before the end of last term, we went to the Stanley Halls at Norwood Junction (near the Brit School). We did a Shakespeare play called ‘The Tempest’, where I played ‘Trinculo’ a drunk-like rocker and I had lots of fun in that role.


I had fun playing Trinculo because since Russell Brand played him in the film (2010) it made more sense to look more like a Rob Halford-type meathead. I wore sunglasses and a waistcoat, Motorhead t-shirt as well as Levi jeans with Clash signature and converse trainers. It looked so awesome because it’s the kind of fashion that a metal rocker would wear!


I had to act drunk as part of my role as well, whilst saying ‘cheeky’, ‘implied’ adult humour that you’d expect from a Shrek-type film. It looked so good since I didn’t break out of character and everyone kept praising me for that. I went from ‘happy’, ‘upset’ to ‘angry’. That’s how drunk people act since it plays on their mind when they drink too much.


I was a bit worried in case we messed it up because Shakespeare is supposed to be ‘proper spoken English’. However, a lot of the guys, who were in it as well as audience members, didn’t mind. They actually loved it!


I feel we did a great job and the unintentional flaws made it awesome! 


‘Bill’ would’ve approved of us and been proud!