Our team

Our Team

To support the implementation of our approach we have a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team who work in collaboration with our education staff. Our teachers and senior leaders have extensive experience of mainstream and specialist settings, supporting learning for the most complex young people. Led by our full-time Clinical Psychologist our Curriculum Access Team is comprised of professionally qualified staff including our Speech & Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Creative Arts Psychotherapist.

Meet our team


Over the past 10 years Tom has worked in a range of different Special Schools supporting some of the most challenging and complex young people within the UK. Tom’s passion for Special Education stems from his early work in mainstream schools and his determination to see all young people achieve their full potential.

Tom is an experienced Special School leader, with undergraduate degrees in both Primary Education and Psychology and a master’s degree in Special Educational Needs. Tom is currently a member of the SHINE Research Lab at the UCL Institute of Education, as he studies for his PhD in Psychology & Human Development. Tom’s research interests are the impact of behavioural intervention on social & emotional development of pupils.

“I am excited to lead the development of our newest provision enabling even more young people to grow and achieve, overcoming all barriers to learning”

Alongside his role of Headteacher, Tom is a Trustee for the National Portage Association and a member of the British Psychological Society Expert Reference Group on Child & Adolescent Mental Health. Outside of School Tom is the UK Commissioner for Inclusion for The Scouts, supporting volunteers across the UK to ensure all young people from all communities have the opportunity to develop Skills for Life.



Tom Milson

Head Teacher


Suzanne has worked in Special education for over 20 years. She has a wealth of experience having worked in a variety of complex settings including 7 years working in specialist schools for autism where she has been actively involved in research. 

Suzanne is passionate about Science and how technology can enhance, support, and enrich learning. She has been a PSHE lead for over 10 years across settings and believes education is fundamentally about preparing young people to understand and feel safe in the wider world around them. 

Suzanne is a firm advocate for inclusion and this is reflected also in her role in Scouting where she is deputy County Commissioner for Diversity and Inclusion for West Sussex Scouts.  She is committed to allowing all young people to develop skills for life. 

Suzanne is excited to be part of the Eagle House Bramley team as Deputy Head and contributing to the therapeutic community. 

Suzanne Few

Deputy Head Teacher


Jemma has been teaching for over 20 years. During this time, she has taught children and young adults with SEN, working in a variety of settings including schools specialising in autism and in complex needs.

Jemma has trained in many different approaches including PECS, TEACCH, Attention Autism, Intensive Interaction, Interactive Music and is a Makaton Regional Tutor.  She has spent much of her career specialising in communication and behaviour, and is experienced in working as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

“I am enjoying teaching at Bramley and being part of the Senior Leadership Team.  I appreciate working closely with psychology and am developing my skills and knowledge with PDA, SEMH and trauma-informed approaches.”

Jemma Lyons

Assistant Head Teacher


Iva is a clinical psychologist who has over 10 years’ experience working with individuals experiencing mental health difficulties. She has provided a variety of psychological therapies within the NHS, in education and privately. Over the years, Iva has specialised in working with children, families and associated individuals key to their lives. 

Iva’s interests include autism and the impact of childhood adversity. In her role at Eagle House School (Bramley) she oversees the Curriculum Assess Team; providing upervision to the therapeutic and class teams to help them understand the difficulties pupils experience from a psychological perspective, and how to best support them.

Iva values multiple approaches to supporting people, however her work is primarily underpinned by a psychodynamic way of thinking. Central to this is offering support in a reflective and dynamic way; a culture she promotes at Bramley. 

One of the core aims of Iva’s work is to help others understand the complexity of the pupils they work with, fostering compassion, trust and safety. She works closely with families and also meets pupils for individual therapeutic work.

Iva Roberts

Clinical Psychologist


Jessica has worked as a paediatric Occupational Therapist in special educational provisions for five years, and now specialises in autism. She is completing her training to become a Sensory Integration practitioner and has a particular interest in sensory-based therapy.

Jessica is passionate about developing children and young people’s independence skills in order to support them on their journey to become confident, happy adults, who are active members of their communities.

In her spare time, Jessica volunteers at a Special Needs dog therapy charity with her dog Coco.

Jessica Court

Senior Occupational Therapist

Speech & Language Therapy

Our pupils receive a Speech & Language Therapy Assessment on entry to Eagle House School (Bramley); our Speech & Language Therapist leads a social skills group for each class every week. Additional group and individual interventions are put in place according to the needs of pupils, which focus on language difficulties and social skills. Interventions are often class based, modelled for teaching staff to ensure continuity and consistency beyond the direct work of the Speech Therapist.

Therapeutic Class Teachers

Our teachers integrate our academic and therapeutic curriculum into our day. They lead learning in the classroom, differentiating their approach to the individual needs of every child and focusing on pupil progress over time. They support and manage all the adults in their classroom to ensure a focus remains on learning throughout the day.

Assistant Psychologist

At Eagle House School (Bramley) we follow a unique model in which each class has an Assistant Psychologist working in tandem with the class teacher. Bringing the educational and psychological sides together ensures that pupils and their engagement is thought about holistically and individually, taking all their complexities into consideration. Our Assistant Psychologists are also trained to deliver individual psychological sessions focusing on a variety of difficulties (anxiety, low mood, low self-esteem) using a range of approaches (i.e. mindfulness, cognitive-behavioural therapy, narrative psychotherapy). 

Creative Arts Psychotherapy

Our Music, Art and Drama therapists deliver individual and group sessions to address a variety of mental health difficulties and support our pupils with processing and healing from previous difficult experiences. 

Therapeutic Learning Support Assistants

Our Therapeutic Learning Support Assistants support and extend our educational and therapeutic practice. They support learning and engagement, fostering strong relationships with the pupils in our school. They may continue interventions beyond discrete sessions to ensure consistency in approaches, for example practicing key sounds every day as part of a phonics intervention or reinforcing key vocabulary from a SALT intervention.

Family Liaison Officer

Our Family Liaison Officer builds close relationships with the families and offers support with a variety of challenges the families are facing at home. She collaborates with outside agencies to ensure families are supported and safe. She organises regular coffee mornings and workshops to promote a sense of community for parents who are often faced with similar challenges.

Wider Support Team

Our wider support team includes administration, admissions, maintenance staff and even our kitchen staff and school chef. Each of these members of our team play a vital role in supporting our pupils. Many staff support pupils during internal work experience placements, enabling them to see first-hand the world of work beyond the classroom.


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