‘the little group’ Approach

This is a rolling programme of more specific workshops covering all areas of ‘the little group’ Approach. These are 2hr sessions delivered at Eagle House School (Mitcham) on Wednesday afternoons throughout the academic year so call Adele, or click on ‘live chat’ to find out which session is coming next.

    This session takes an in depth look at how autism impacts learning. As part of this exciting workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore how you can develop an ‘irresistible invitation to learn’ using our approach that is guaranteed to impact every child and young person you work with and give immediate results – whether they have autism or not.
    This session looks at the explicit teaching of attention and group learning skills. We work with you using new strategies in a fun and informative way and help you to lengthen and strengthen the attention of every child and young person that you work with through a host of attention building activities.
    Fundamental to every teacher team working with a learner with autism or a communication disorder, this session looks at how you can adapt and deliver a communication based curriculum modifying all communication processes within the classroom. This approach works for every learner, not just your learner with autism.
    If you are working with a learner with autism who has behaviours that you just can’t get your head around and everything you have tried has failed, then join us! In this session, we help you to understand the underlying behavioural causes in autism and we support you to learn how to develop a number of new, successful strategies.
    The majority of our learners have sensory issues; some sensory issues are external and more obvious, whilst others can be internal, hidden and tougher to recognise. This session explores the broad spectrum of sensory issues in autism and looks at how reacting to individuals sensory needs and creating a low anxiety environment through structure and setting can benefit them.
  • TROUBLE SHOOTING and ‘the little group’ APPROACH
    We know that ‘the little group’ Approach is a different way of working and feel sure that you will already be seeing amazing results in your classroom or work place. In order to better support you in your implementation of this practical approach, we have created a problem solving forum which helps you to look at whether your strategies are working; and if not, why not. Let us support you to successfully embed ‘the little group’ Approach into your classroom or work place now.