Our curriculum and how we teach

We recognise that many of our pupils have had negative experiences of school. They may have had significantly reduced timetables which have limited their opportunities to engage with a full curriculum. At Eagle House (Bramley) we put your young person at the heart of the curriculum, offering a broad and balanced programme underpinned by three core aspects: academic progression, functional development and curriculum enrichment. Underpinning all these core areas is our therapeutic approach to supporting young people to achieve their potential academically, socially and emotionally.

Our very small class groups have an average of four pupils, supported by a teacher, two Therapeutic Learning Support Assistants and an Assistant Psychologist. All staff within Eagle House School (Bramley) receive specialised training and clinical supervision as part of our intensive therapeutic approach to teaching and learning.

It is our core belief that curriculum enrichment is fundamental to the success of our pupils; it is through enrichment that pupils extend their love of learning and develop their intellectual curiosity. As such, Eagle House School (Bramley) will offer extensive opportunities for extended learning to deepen and enrich our core curriculum. To achieve this we take every opportunity to use our local environment, exploring a range of off-site activities with the purpose of enhancing and enriching our the learning experience. Pupils will be encouraged to take part in clubs, special interest groups (such as Lego or Mine-Craft) and to explore their talents to the full. Drama, creative arts and music will be offered to stimulate creativity and to explore their emotions.


Our curriculum is based upon the principle of Empowerment, underpinned by our Eagle House Group value: Unlocking the Potential of Children with Autism.

To achieve this our Curriculum within Eagle House School (Bramley) is designed with two key intentions; to overcoming barriers, and to provide an irresistible invitation to learn.


We overcome barriers by building trust. We support each pupil by building trusting relationships in order that they can put previous difficult educational experiences behind them.

Our nurture approach is key here for the development of self-esteem in order to achieve our end goal; developing self-motivated learners.

We overcome barriers by personalising learning. A highly individualised style is provided for each pupil based partly on the understanding of demand avoidance and on the individual pupil’s personality, expression of ASD and tolerances. 

We work together to understand the nature of anxiety-driven demand avoidance, as something that the child cannot overcome by an act of will.


By overcoming barriers, our curriculum enables pupils to build strong relationships, celebrate diversity, encourage respect and build a sense of community.

It gives them skills which enable them to self-regulate with greater independence enabling them to succeed in the next step of their journey.

Our Social & Emotional Curriculum

The development of social and emotional skills will be at the very core of all of our work. All staff work within a clear therapeutic model which underpins all aspects of our behaviour policy and curriculum, promoting pupil respect and decision making. Your child will be able to access individual therapy at a developmentally appropriate stage, whether this involves pre-therapy work, creative arts psychotherapy or a more specialised therapeutic intervention. In addition, we will work closely with families to provide you with support to continue to build these skills at home

Many of our pupils exhibit demand avoidant behaviours, linked to their high level of anxiety, when even small demands are placed on them. Our staff team will be constantly receptive to this level of anxiety and work to help your child understand how they are feeling and give them the skills they need to problem solve in a positive way. Such work enables the individual pupil to begin to recognise the unconscious processes which cause such anxiety, providing them with skills to regulate these and re-engage with their learning. Respect and kindness is a core value we will teach all of our pupils.


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