Welcome to Eagle House Group Staff Training

Given the current COVID 19 crisis, all current staff training will be held remotely. Please see below the mandatory safeguarding training presentations to compliment the training delivered at induction. These courses are split into modules to explore the different areas within safeguarding in more detail and are refreshed annually.

At completion of each module you will need to verify that you have watched the presentation by following the associated link to complete the quiz and evaluation form. A certificate of attendance will not be provided unless this form is completed.

1.      Safeguarding (Module 3) Training

Trainer: Amanda Atvars, Family Support Officer / Deputy DSL


2.      Safeguarding (Module 2 – Part 1) Training

Trainer: Sue Fairbrother, DSL


3.      Safeguarding (Module 2 – Part 2) Training

Trainer: Sue Fairbrother, DSL