Parent Stories

At Eagle House Schools, we appreciate how challenging it can be having a child with autism. As a parent or carer, how many times have you been out in public – in the supermarket or just out shopping, and been faced with those looks of disapproval from surprised onlookers as you struggle with your out-of-control, red-faced, screaming youngster?

We know why your child is behaving in this way. We understand that they are probably terrified of noises in the street, by the strip lighting hurting their eyes in the supermarket or that they are simply overwhelmed by their anxiety. We also know that you will try your hardest to shop quickly and will probably return home with only a couple of items from your shopping list because you need to get home in order to calm your child.

As your child grows, we know that your challenges will change and families can be faced with anxiety turning into anger and sometimes aggression. We appreciate all of these challenges and know that you will need to find the best school possible for your child.

In the 11 years since Eagle House Group opened its first school, Eagle House Schools have already helped many families with children just like yours. Indeed, current statistics reflect that 1 in 66 of the population is on the autism spectrum, and as many specialist provisions have been closed due to budget cuts, many more of our children are being placed into mainstream schools.

For a percentage, this can work well, but for others, children can find themselves in a hostile environment feeling misunderstood; a square peg in a round hole,eventually losing confidence, perhaps facing exclusion and with a family feeling further failure.

We have helped many of these families by offering them peace of mind and their child, a positive, autism-appropriate environment. Their children have started to make the progress, often for the first time, but don’t let us tell, you…….

…….we will be placing some of our Parents Stories here as their stories will talk directly to you – parent to parent.

So, watch this space!