Eagle House School (Mitcham)

A recent parent quote:

My son has made more progress in one month at Eagle House School than he did in a year at his old school.”


(Parent is a key worker and is immensely grateful for our dedication and support during the Coronavirus pandemic).

Thursday 3rd September

We are looking forward to welcoming all of our children back on Thursday 3rd September.

Our schools are fully prepared for the start of the academic year and we would like to reassure  families that we are following all COVID guidelines to ensure the safety of both pupils and staff as far as we are able.

We would like to thank all of our families for their support and understanding during these challenging times.

Eagle House School (Mitcham) – our Primary School

Eagle House School (Mitcham) was established in 2004 and occupies two main buildings; Eagle House, a Grade 1 listed building of great historic interest dating back to Sir Walter Raleigh, and a more modern building, Eagle Court, which houses our Early Years Department.

At Eagle House School (Mitcham) we aim to be much more than just a school. Our specialist teaching offers a unique approach to working with children with autism and Asperger syndrome. We provide a holistic education that focuses on developing the global needs of our children, not just their academic skills.

Welcome note from the Acting Head Teacher

Welcome to Eagle House School (Mitcham). I hope that, in exploring our website, you will feel a sense of how special and unique we are, and why we are so proud of our school community.

We are a small, specialist primary school providing an autism-specific education for children with a primary diagnosis of autism. We support children from all areas of the autism spectrum and what makes us unique as a school, is our expertise and commitment to provide each child with the individual learning they need, supporting them to flourish and reach their full potential.

We have three distinct learning pathways, each with their own curriculum and teaching methods. Within these pathways, each child has an individual learning profile taught within small class groups, engendering a close family environment. Staff are very highly trained in autism and use a Positive Behaviour Support approach, all culminating to create an effective autism-friendly environment.

We benefit from having our own in-house specialist multidisciplinary team, comprising psychology, speech & language therapy, occupational therapy and behaviour support specialists, as well as a family support officer, school nurse and music specialist. The team works closely with teaching staff to deliver a rounded and holistic education that centres on autism specific life skills as well as academic skills.

Our childrens’ happiness and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do, and we draw upon a broad range of approaches to tailor individual teaching programmes. We actively support every child’s emotional and social development; teaching them how to recognise, self-regulate and appropriately communicate their feelings, and how to interact successfully with their peers and the wider community.

We ensure children are introduced to a variety of exciting activities as soon as they enter our school including swimming, horse riding and cycling, shopping and cooking. We encourage them to develop their individual interests and talents and we run several clubs to support this such as computing, train club, football, dance, girls club and art.

Our greatest pleasure is always the feedback we receive from parents, who often express the delight they feel that at last, their child has been understood. Families feel supported by the school and that, for us, is the reason we are here.


Lorraine Titchener

Head Teacher


Eagle House School (Bramley)



we provide a holistic education

Our specialist teaching offers a unique approach to working with children with autism and Asperger syndrome. We provide a holistic education that focuses on developing the global needs of our children, not just their academic skills.


the best of the best

Our approach has been developed across many years and has sought to combine the ‘best of the best’ approaches including TEACCH, PODD (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display Communication), Makaton and elements of ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis).


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