Our Approach

Specialist Learning & Work Skills Coaches

We aim to combine the three ingredients needed to support our learners in their transition to adulthood; a supportive and therapeutic autism educational environment; tailored opportunities for vocational work experience and the right support needed to make college a success.

All learners are supported by specialist Learning & Work Skills Coaches. These are familiar faces around the school, who already know them well and are there to support them through to the next exciting phase of their educational and vocational journey.

All of our learning & work skills coaches are trained to a Level 3 NVQ and receive additional autism-specific training throughout the academic year. Each learner has a specific learning & work skills coach key worker who they can turn to if they have any anxieties or concerns. They ensure learners are fully supported on site at the 6th Form Centre; when they travel to college (if required); and within the college setting itself. Our learning & work skills coach knows when to step in with support and when to step out; this ensures that learners continue to build in confidence and further develop their independence on a daily basis.

All learners continue to receive Tier 1 therapy support (higher, if stated in their Education, Health & Care Plan) from our resident autism specialist multidisciplinary team (Curriculum Access Team).

This includes support and access to:

  • A Consultant Clinical Psychologist;
  • Speech & language therapists;
  • Occupational therapists;
  • Assistant psychologists;
  • Student wellbeing officer.

A ‘Learner Centred’ Approach

The starting point is to identify the right pathway.  Placing each young person at the centre of our learner centred process, we work collaboratively with each individual, their parents, their key staff and the important people in their lives to create a personal pathway that allows us to meet their educational, social and communication needs including tapping into those all important special skills and interests they may well have developed.

We create an individual programme of study for each learner, that is unique to them, with the aim of being as creative as we can in finding the right vocational and work opportunities. We aim to spark the imagination, ambition and interest of each learner to create a day that is meaningful, purposeful and motivating.