Our approach

We nurture a safe, trusting and inclusive therapeutic community

We pride ourselves on our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach which underpins our approach as a therapeutic school. PBS is a person centred approach which supports inclusion, choice and participation and is evidenced by behavioural science and extensive research. These values have established our predictable, positive and safe learning environment which is consistent across people, places and time. We summarise our key expectations as our core values for all:


I respect myself


I respect others


I respect my school community

We support each pupil

We support each pupil by building trusting relationships in order that they can put past difficult educational experiences behind them and re-engage in their learning.

Engaging in Therapy – what does our ‘Therapeutic Community’ approach mean?

Therapy in our school is not just about participating in an individual session with a therapist once a week. It is about supportive and trusting relationships that are embedded throughout each day and over time. Having an Assistant Psychologist supporting every class team allows for individualised approaches, enabling pupils to understand themselves. To do this we integrate a range of strategies alongside our values above. These approaches are used together to support and engage pupils in their learning and form the basis of each pupil’s behaviour support plan.  

Building on individual starting points

We comprehensively assess every pupil when they are referred to our setting. This enables us to plan an ambitious curriculum with targets matched to the individual needs of every pupil.


Academic baselining

These include assessments to establish their ability in academic subjects through our internal Eagle House Group assessment system ‘E-Levels’ and benchmarking tools to assess pupil ability in reading.


Therapeutic baselining

These include assessments to establish the emotional strengths and developmental trajectory of each pupil. Through the Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ), Boxall Profile and Autism Education Trust (AET) framework we are able to assess pupils across a broad range of therapeutic domains. All pupils receive an assessment for Occupational Therapy needs and Speech & Language needs on entry to the school.


Individualised assessments

Where pupil’s baselines indicate potential barriers to learning additional assessments are completed; these include a broad range of multi-disciplinary assessments led by teachers, Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Therapists or our Clinical Psychologist. These assessments are carried out as needed throughout every pupil’s journey within Eagle House School (Bramley) to ensure any barriers to learning are rapidly identified.

Continuous Assessment for Learning

Assessment doesn’t end at the beginning. Continuous Assessment for Learning is embedded in our approach, with teachers assessing learning as pupil’s progress through the term and Assistant Psychologists assessing and tracking social and emotional development.

Understanding our pupils – the Ziggurat approach

The Ziggurat approach

Our regular class meetings enable us to focus on skills to teach, but we understand there are many steps pupils must take on their journey. The Ziggurat Model is a framework for designing comprehensive interventions for people with autism and provides a tool for every class team to reflect upon barriers they may identify at the beginning of their Bramley journey or barriers that emerge over time.


Class teams meet weekly to discuss these barriers and identify how interventions on each child’s Ziggurat Action Plan are helping pupils to make progress over time by increasing their engagement in learning and developing ‘skills to teach’.

Discover a love of learning

Our curriculum is based upon the principle of DISCOVERY, underpinned by Eagle House Group’s goal: Unlocking the Potential of Children with Autism. To achieve this our curriculum within Eagle House School (Bramley) is designed with two key intentions:


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