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Paul began his work with children with special educational needs as a lawyer in 1993. A key focus of his work was helping children receive the special educational help they needed so they could fully benefit from their time at school.

Paul worked with children with a range of special needs, from dyslexia, ADHD, autism, learning difficulties and physical disabilities. He was recognised as one of the leading lawyers in this work in the UK.

Increasingly Paul recognised that there was insufficient and inadequate provision for children with autism in the UK. As a result, he and his father set up their first school for children with autism in London: Eagle House School (Mitcham), in 2004. Over the next 5 years the provision developed to include primary and secondary schools, early years centres, a multidisciplinary assessment centre, residential school and a post-19 College.

In 2010 the Eagle House Group was restructured to enable his father to retire and Paul and his wife, Jillian, to become the sole owners of the Group, which is currently based in South London.

Paul and Jillian live locally with their four sons.

Paul is the Chair of the Board of Directors. He can be contacted during work hours Monday- Friday via the Schools’ Business Office, Eagle House Group, Chancery House (Grnd Flr), St Nicholas Way, Sutton, Surrey SM1 1JB. Telephone – 0845 074 2972.



Quality of Teaching, Learning & Assessment; 6th Form; Early Years

For 23 years and up until January 2010, Maureen worked at Sunfield School, Worcestershire, a residential special school providing education and 52 week residential placements for students between 6 – 19 years of age with severe, complex and challenging needs including ASD. She held the position of Deputy Head Teacher.

She began her career in 1967 in a Health Authority Junior Training Centre, which was the only provision at that time for children with disabilities, and moved into special schools after the Education Act 1970. She has experience of also working in other SEN schools in the Midlands area.

Maureen has held the positions of Head of Department for both 14-16 years (KS4) and 16-19 years (FE). She designed the school’s FE curriculum and then KS4 and beyond and introduced the external accreditation program throughout the school and residential houses.

She was asked by the Ministry of Education in New Zealand to deliver workshops and presentations and worked to set up an academy in the North of England offering both educational and residential provision for students with complex learning disabilities.

Maureen joined the Eagle House Group Board of Directors having been an external consultant to Eagle House School, Sutton and Eagle House School, Mitcham, for the previous 4 years.



Effectiveness of Leadership & Management; Pupil Outcomes

David offers a consultancy service across the UK as an independent strategic partner in SEND work and works in the public, private and voluntary sectors. He has over 35 years’ experience gained in front line strategic, inspection, regulatory and consultancy roles.

Originally with a background in teaching deaf children, David has been a former specialist teacher trainer, Head of a large residential special school in the south of England, Registered Ofsted inspector (SEN), Ofsted Accredited Trainer (SEN), Independent Care Visitor and CEO of two national SEN Charities.

David has joined the Eagle House Group Board of Directors having worked as a SEND Educational Consultant for the Group since 2011.



Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

Dr. Jenny Alvarez is a consultant Clinical Psychologist, who has been working with children and young people for more than 30 years, and has specialised in the field of autism for the last 20 years. The realisation that many children she saw for therapy were being labelled as “naughty”, when in fact they had undiagnosed autism, spurred her on to learn more about diagnosing autism and supporting families once their children were diagnosed.

She left the NHS in 2003 to work for a charity to support both children and adults with an autism spectrum disorder. This allowed her to gain a full understanding of the whole autism spectrum and the difficulties families face in living with autism across the lifespan.

Dr Alvarez has worked across both schools at Eagle House Group since 2012, and has really enjoyed the challenge of supporting staff, pupils and their families in an educational setting, which is very different from working in a clinic setting.

Dr Alvarez continues to provide clinical supervision for assistant psychologists across Eagle House Group and joins the Board of Directors with a wealth of expertise, experience and an in depth knowledge of both schools.



Paula is a retired general paediatrician who worked at Epsom General Hospital from 1989.

She was the lead paediatrician for the community child health services including services for children with chronic handicapping conditions –which included working at the Children’s Trust at Tadworth Court.

She was keen to integrate hospital, community and primary care services for children wherever possible. Paula served as a paediatric representative on a number of Surrey-wide multiagency and some country-wide groups dealing with a variety of children’s issues.

She developed an interest in autism, attention deficit disorders and related conditions in children and young people running specialist clinics and working with others in their development of services – including the Little Group for underfives with autism based in Epsom.

She tried to help make appropriate diagnoses and share with parents and carers ways of helping with many of the challenges such difficulties can bring as well as celebrating the positives.

After retirement, Paula became patron to interAKtive – a local parent-led charitable group for families who have a child, or children, on the autistic spectrum.

Paula has 2 daughters and lives with her husband in Epsom.


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