The Curriculum Pathways

We ensure that we provide our learners with a full and exciting week and have developed a curriculum to reflect this. Our 6th Form Curriculum combines continued ASD focused support with the next stages in their educational progression.

We ensure that every learner continues with their Functional Skills and, where appropriate, GCSEs in Maths and English.  We do this to reflect courses they would have taken in a fulltime mainstream college placement in conjunction with their vocational course.  However, we understand that GCSEs are not suitable for every learner, but as an alternative, Functional Skills qualifications are very accessible, useful and relevant to those for whom GCSE English and Maths may not be appropriate.

The Functional Skills qualifications are highly regarded amongst employers, as they suggest a level of skill, which is transferable to the workplace.

We are also able to offer re-sits in Maths and English GCSEs in line with the new college regulations.


We aim to provide a full time holistic 6th Form experience individually tailored to support their educational needs whilst minimising the impact of their autism spectrum disorder.

A typical programme of study includes:

  • Functional Skills/ GCSE in English and Maths;
  • Supported study for subject specific courses such as Music and ICT within partner colleges (or schools);
  • Supported vocational studies within partner colleges (or schools);
  • Personal and Social Development, through ASDAN or EDEXCEL accredited courses;
  • Functional life skills programmes;
  • Work related learning enriched by supported work experience placements;
  • Leisure opportunities within local sports facilities;
  • Bespoke / individualised Autism centred therapy programmes devised and supported by our in house team of therapists

Learners who attend our 6th Form will follow our Upper Pathway course.

The Upper Pathway

For this group of learners we offer The Edexcel BTEC Award, Certificate and Diploma in Work Skills, which is designed to provide:

  • The knowledge, understanding and skills learners need to enter employment;
  • Opportunities for learners to gain nationally recognised qualifications relating to work skills;
  • Opportunities for learners to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and attitudes, which are essential for successful performance in working life.

Pathways to Independence  – Relationships, health, and a work/life balance

In addition to learners’ education and vocational training, their time at the 6th Form Centre focuses on those all important independence skills.  This includes:

  • Broadening their life and social skills experiences, including facilitating appropriate friendships within and outside of college;
  • Enriching their leisure time including identifying and facilitating access to a range of leisure activities and increasing independent travel skills;
  • Financial management including budgeting, on line banking and saving;
  • Expanding their ability to live independently through opportunities to practice household tasks such as using a washing machine, cooking simple meals and snacks, making hot drinks,  cleaning and shopping;
  • Guidance and support on how to have a healthy life style including accessing medical professionals such as doctors and dentists and advice on diet, healthy eating, exercise, sex, drugs, alcohol and personal safety;
  • Self-care skills such as personal hygiene, hair care, nail care and taking medication;
  • Caring for others including; parenting awareness, first aid skills and how to access the emergency services;
  • Developing a realistic life / work balance while still meeting academic deadlines.