Adele Wadey, Parent Liaison Officer

After studying at Oxford University, Adele pursued a career in the fashion industry. After leaving work to have a family, she became involved in autism when her daughter was diagnosed as having ASD at the age of four.

“We were very lucky that Nell started at Eagle House aged five and we benefited from the expertise and support of the school. Nell’s twin brother and older brother really appreciated the sibling support offered and the regular workshops and coffee mornings allowed me to learn about different approaches and techniques for dealing with an autistic child, as well as meeting other parents in the same situation.”

When returning to work, Adele was keen to take on a role that would involve giving other families like her own, the support and information needed to help them make the best decisions for their child with autism. “I was delighted to be given the opportunity to work at Eagle House Group and feel that the experiences I have been through as the parent of a severely autistic child really inform my approach to the role of Parent Liaison Officer – whether offering practical advice or giving parents information on where to find further support.”

The health and education systems can seem really daunting for the family of a child with autism. By offering advice to families in selecting a school and helping them through the SEN process, Adele wants to make them feel supported and well informed when making important choices for their children.