About us

From the Chief Executive

Eagle House Group was created in 2004 to support the growing number of families of children with autism who were unable to find an appropriate school for their child. We are a family owned company and believe that support for the family lies at the heart of what we do.
As a mother of two adult children with autism, I am more than aware of the struggle parents and families face to not only finding a suitable school, but to also find the ongoing support they need at the end of the school day. In essence Eagle House Group began over 13 years ago to bring together a highly skilled staff team to provide

  • An understanding, safe and supportive environment for every child and every parent/carer
  • A culture of positivity where each child is helped to reach their own, individual potential
  • Where everything to support the child and family is provided in school including therapy, education, support and training
  • Where parents and families can relax knowing that their child’s needs are being fully met
  • Where support and advice in the home is available to every parent
  • We pride ourselves on our team work and the passion we have for the children we work with.

I am delighted that we are able to provide such a positive educational experience for the 130 children and young people we support within Eagle House Group.

Julia Pithouse
CEO; Eagle House Group