A Letter to Nightingale Class – May 2018

From the Customer Service Manager – BOND STREET (JUBILEE LINE)

“We had a very successful visit at Bond Street station today by Eagle House School (Sutton).

Five of the pupils were guided through the following aspects of the station by Aquil, Customer Service Manager); Sayeed [Bond Street] and Customer Services Assistant, Marina. Their teachers who accompanied them were just as excited!

They were welcomed, signed in as visitors, given a safety briefing, shown SAP and RVP, made test messages on CONNECT, made a station announcement, shown MICA and CCTV Cameras, explained fire alarms and emergency evacuations, given a guided tour of the gates and how the tickets are transported, shown how to use POM’s and purchase tickets, shown the escalators and how they operate, given a brief on step-free access facilities such as raised platforms, tactile flooring and lifts.

Finally, we congregated in the ticket hall and had a team photo.

Some questions were raised which we were unable to answer:

  1. How much power does an escalator use?
  2. How much does it cost to run a station [Bond Street]?

Both Marina and I learned just as much from very eager and inquisitive youngsters and thoroughly enjoyed their company.”

All the best


Customer Service Manager