Natural History Museum Visit

Museum visit brings Natural History and Science alive for Eagle House Pupils –  Swan Class

An Eagle House School education offers our children the opportunity to spread their educational wings and take magical trips to amazing places.

We know how important it is for our children with autism to experience the wider world first hand – not just in the classroom, and they relish every minute! This is the story of Swan Class’s recent visit to the Natural History Museum in Central London.

“How exciting to climb on our school’s new ‘big blue bus’ and travel, together with all of our friends, to Central London and visit such a special place as the Natural History Museum – ceilings as high as the sky; busy, bustling, buzzing people; soaring scary skeletons; ‘real’ roaring, roaming dinosaurs; and a museum gift shop full of exciting things to take home and show to mum and dad.”

Swan Class Talk to Us About their Trip

This is a description of Swan class’s recent museum visit. Teacher Barbara said “We all thought that the Museum staff were extremely friendly and supportive, handing out maps to all of the children and pointing out the main attractions so we wouldn’t miss a thing!” – we know how exciting a map can be for intrepid explores.

Teacher Barbara said “each pupil was given a Learners Guide containing a Grand Museum Challenge! We all found this to be very exciting!” 

Teacher Barbara also prepared some different challenges in line with the topic our children is learning about in school – ANIMALS; so visiting the museum brought this topic very much to life.

Teacher Barbara added “ We didn’t want to miss a thing, so we had two groups – Group 1 went on their challenge supported by their PODD books and each one of the children cleverly found every animal on their challenge card. Group 2 also found all of their animals and were able to answer all of the questions in their books – some on which were very hard.”

She said that the two groups gathered together again in order to visit the most exciting, dangerous, scary room of all in the museum: THE DINOSAURS!

They came face to face with the terrifying, roaring (world famous) T. Rex, they saw the first dinosaur ever – an Iguanodon; the scary skull of a Triceratops; one of the largest meat eaters to roam Europe – the Baryonyx; a Protoceratops egg (it was huge!); a Megalosaurus tooth (that was huge too); and the enormous tail of a Euoplocephalus!

“After all of that” said Teacher Barbara, “they had built up quite an appetite so everyone had a lovely lunch and everything was eaten (just like the dinosaurs). They then visited the museum shop full of thousands of nature-inspired gifts and we bought some lovely souvenirs to bring back to school to help us remember our exciting trip!”

What Our Pupils Said

Afterwards, our pupils reflected on their visit and shared their thoughts with their class mates.

JS said “I really like museums, I’m very good at following maps and my favourite thing was the gift shop where I bought things for me and my brother!”

…….and of course, the DINOSAURS……

AG said “I love animals so I really enjoyed reading about them and finding animals around the rooms, and I really loved THE DINOSAURS!”

BP said “I really enjoyed going to the museum, I loved the dinosaurs and the scorpion!”

Teacher Barbara said “All of the children wanted to say a particular Thank You to Denis, our ‘Big Blue Bus’ driver, for taking us there, waiting for us and bringing us back to school. He was wonderful!”

A Very Successful Trip – We’re So Proud!

A very successful and stimulating trip indeed for Swan Class. This was an amazing experience for our children on many fronts. Not only did they expand their knowledge of animals, but through trips such as this, they practiced additional skills such as: asking, waiting, queuing, map reading, staying together, reading new signs, using real money, choosing, attention skills, using their communication skills, working as a ‘team’, being out in public (busy) areas, change of school day routine and much, much more. 

Teacher Barbara said that “each and every one of them was a STAR”.

Rob Frisby (Head of Education) added “Eagle House School is very proud of them all. Both staff and pupils clearly reflect the excellent standards of autism practise we have in place at Eagle House School, and with appropriate preparation and focused support, a wonderful time was enjoyed by all – pupils and staff alike!”.

Well Done to Swan Class!