Maggie Carey, Head of Education

Maggie began her career in mainstream education but very quickly moved into special needs teaching as the co-ordinator of an SEN unit in a mainstream school.

Over the years Maggie has taught English as a specialist subject and has also taught and coordinated different curriculum areas, however her main area of interest has always been SEN and in particular ASD.

“I feel very passionately about the need for excellent schools which ensure that all autistic young people have access to an education that gives them enriching experiences on a day to day basis but that also prepares and inspires them for their future. I believe that all our children should have a curriculum that allows them to develop in every way, including academically, creatively and through gaining skills which enable them to live the lives they aspire to”.

Maggie has a Masters level qualifications in English and also SEN, and has been both Assistant Principal in a large SEN school and Deputy Head, and Site Lead in a large SEN school group.

Maggie joined Eagle House Group as Head of Education in 2017.